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About Me


Nydra Turner  


  Nydra Turner's approach to working with her clients is based on what she describes as a collaborative relationship. "I work with my clients to help them identify barriers that are preventing them from living their best life. The most vital component to my philosophy is helping clients understand themselves," said Ms. Turner. 

Ms. Turner utilizes a variation of treatment approaches, including Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Solution-focused therapy and Behavior therapy. Ms.Turner identifies her primary goal is to assist her clients to uncover their full potential.   

Ms.Turner's 20 years of education and professional background in both the mind and the body gives her a unique and effective approach to counseling which can be integrated into the daily lives of her clients. 

"Helping clients to develop a deeper understanding of themselves, explore the impact of unhealthy relationships while identifying supportive ones are the fundamental beliefs from which I work." 

For the past seven years, Ms.  Turner has her own counseling agency, Turner Consulting & Therapy Services, LLC in Dallas TX.  She has also been a part of the Mental Health Teams at Dallas Children’s Medical Center, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas and Texas Health Physician Group. 

In addition to her work in Texas, Ms. Turner held various professional positions in the Chicagoland area in which her skillset helped launch the development of the first Illinois Juvenile Justice/Mentoring Program. She has also collaborated with multiple governing bodies, both in Texas and Illinois and provided trainings on At-Risk Youth and Family Dynamics resulting in successful partnerships with organizations on a state level. 

Ms. Turner holds several certifications and state licenses.  She continues to educate herself by attending national and local conferences, and also keeping up with current therapy research.  She is also on the board of Gifts for Moms, a nonprofit organization that supports single moms in Collin County.

In her spare time, she likes spending time with her husband Robert, and their four children, Mahaganie, Jevontez, Ernest and Myah.