Client Testimonials

"I came to Turner Consulting and Therapy Services for grief counseling after the loss of both of my parents. I heard about Turner through my employer and my desire for emotional support brought me in. Mrs. Nydra Turner was a God send that helped me navigate all the transitions that come along with grief. She reassured me that I am capable of making sound decisions in the midst of my circumstances. I am now able to better navigate my coparenting relationship and am embarking on new ventures, relationships, and ministries with confidence and optimism. Therapy has been a sounding board, a partnership, an outlet, and a safe space."

-Client Since 2023

"When I asked my medical provider for an African American woman therapist Mrs. Turner was on the list, I was seeking a provider who looked like myself and my daughter to work through current life circumstances. My daughter received services weekly through Mrs. Turner, the relationship that was built between them was one that no one has ever been able to build. My daughter is now able to use positive coping skills and her quality of life has improved tremendously. She is open to communicating about things that make her uncomfortable and manage her emotions."

-Client Since 2022

"My wife recommended that we try couples therapy after receiving individual therapy with Mrs. Turner. I saw improvement in my wife's confidence and ability to process our issues and have constructive conversations to understand each other better, this motivated me to seek out service for myself. Through individual therapy I was able to improve my ability to process information, work through difficulties, and communicate with a positive mindset. Through couples therapy our relationship has been better with less stress when dealing with family conflicts. My quality of life has improved and I can honestly say that therapy has helped to save my marriage."


Client Since 2019

"After experiencing several significant family losses in a short amount of time I was not able to handle the grief properly and it began to impact other areas of my life. I heard about Turner Consulting and Therapy Services through my employer's insurance where I began to receive individual therapy and later couples counseling. My marriage was my main motivation for seeking help, it was when I realized that my spouse wanted to help me and I was unable to explain what I was feeling that I knew therapy was the answer. My experience with Turner has been amazing, overall I feel that I am a better wife, daughter, sister, and friend. My communication skills have improved and I am able to express my feelings effectively. Through my experience with Mrs. Turner I felt healthy enough to embark on growing our family and recently became a first time mother. I became a client back in 2019 and I am still a client today, words cannot express the impact I have personally experienced from the services I received at  Turner."


Client Since 2019

"I heard about Turner Consulting and Therapy Services through my Employee Assistance Program as I was facing challenges with appropriate decision making, overthinking, and overanalyzing. At Turner I received individual and group therapy that I found to be very helpful as the information I received helped me to dig deeper into what was good for my life and gave me skills to fine tune my decision making. I am of the belief that therapy is a self investment and I recommend the service to my family and friends."


Client Since 2023

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