Interested in Group Therapy?

This spring, Turner Consulting & Therapy Services will be offering group therapy for children, teens, men and women's groups. For more information, please call (469) 914-2683 or see the attached flyer(s).

The Parent’s Group

Objective: To introduce parents to different parenting styles and their impact on the child development. 

The Parent’s Group is a therapeutic group designed for open discussion for parents of children and teens. While every parent is an expert at parenting their children many feel alone in their struggle as parents. Some parents look for ideas on how to handle everyday teen issues, others are seeking answers to a particular problem. Our group discussions and workshops encourage sharing experiences and strategies for effective parenting.  


PGN is a virtual group that will begin on June 15th, check back soon for more details and information on how you can join!!

Teen Group

The purpose of The Teen Group Discussions is to allow teens a safe place to discuss their most pressing concerns while being guided by a trained group facilitator. Many teens are seeking a place where they can openly discuss relevant life issues that affect them on a day-to-day basis. Some of the topics that will be discussed are as follows.


1.       How to understand me when no one else understands me.

2.       How do I let adults know that I am bullied without causing more problems for myself?

3.       Is the pandemic ever going to be over? (This is an ongoing discussion that opens up for discussion some of the problems that are directly related to the      pandemic. (Death, sickness, isolation, vaccination, food, parent’s employment, and school attendance)

4.       How do I tell my parents that I am sexually active?

5.       Why do I feel sad all the time? (Signs of depression)

6.       What does it mean if I worry about everything, and am always ready to fight? (Signs of Anxiety)

Teen Group is a 6-week commitment beginning Summer 2024.  Check for more details! 

Women's Group

Our Women's Group is a place where women can find support and gain insight from their peers.  With today's fast-paced environment, it is common to feel overwhelmed at times.  These group sessions will offer you the opportunity to discuss such topics as: 


1.       Coping with feelings of depression or anxiety.

2.       Identifying and dealing with triggers that negatively affect your mood. 

3.       Building and maintaining healthy relationships. 

4.       The importance of self-care. 

5.       Healthy coping strategies. 

Women's Group is cost free and sessions are held virtually every Wednesday at 6:00pm

How have our groups helped our clients?:

"I am able to open up about my personal struggles with anxiety and depression. I can also listen to different perspectives and get advice from other members of the group."

"I enjoyed talking about setting boundaries, maintaining healthy relationships, and giving each other our

"flowers" during the last meeting."

"I’ve learned how to identify the physical symptoms of my anxiety and how to set up boundaries."

"To know that I am not alone."

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