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Join us on June 15th, 2024 for our 6 week Parenting Workshop. This certificate program provides participants with interactive sessions to gain practical tools and strategies for building strong family foundations!

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In the community - teen parenting workshop with Richardson ISD!

The non-profit arm of Turner Consulting & Therapy Services, Ardyn Hope, Inc., and it’s community partners are dedicated to providing education and advocacy within the surrounding communities. This video from the first workshop of Ardyn Hope Inc.’s teen parenting workshop titled “I AM ME” (in partnership with Richardson ISD), highlights the work being done to continue to expand the realm of knowledge and support for the young parents in the DFW area. Students were connected to resources such as Texas Health Resources, the City of Dallas WIC Program, the Dallas Association for Parent Education, Genesis Women’s Shelter, and Parkland Hospital in the program.

Nydra T. Osei-Kissi, Founder & Executive Director of Turner Consulting & Therapy Services, LLC, as well as Ardyn Hope, Inc., highlighted as a Minority Business Owner (MBE) in DFW’s Minority Supplier Development Council (MSDC)

In an industry dedicated to fostering mental health and wellbeing, Turner Consulting & Therapy Services, LLC, distinguishes itself through profound commitment to inclusivity, innovation, and community support. Although, Ms. Osei-Kissi’s business began small, with a shared office space, and no financial backing, as a solo practitioner, she would work evenings and weekends to her practice, developing her skills, and marketing her services. Ms. Osei-Kissi felt there was a huge need for mental health services and education, especially in her community. She loved working with new clients and helping them discover their ‘truth.’ Slowly, through word of mouth, her practice began to grow, as she worked with parents and their children identified as having ‘behavioral problems,’ or the couple contemplating divorce, and she would partner with each one to help them understand their needs from a clinical perspective. This trust allowed her to form meaningful relationships with individuals and families, laying the foundation for her practice. 

What she believes (and has also heard), is what makes her business, Turner Consulting & Therapy Services, LLC, (in addition to Ardyn Hope, Inc.), is her ability to connect with people on a personal level. She works to understand the importance of community engagement, and because of this, took proactive steps to involve Turner Consulting & Therapy Services, LLC, along with their non-profit arm, Ardyn Hope, Inc., in local initiatives. Recognizing the challenges faced by young parents, she created a teen parenting group, ‘I AM ME.’ This was a collaboration with Richardson ISD to educate the teen parents in their school district. The mission of this program is to empower teen parents through psychoeducational support that will enhance their parenting skills, foster positive relationships, and promote well-being, ultimately enabling them to navigate the challenges of parenthood with confidence and resilience. This initiative provides a safe space for young parents to learn about and discuss the nuances of healthy versus unhealthy relationships, empowering them with knowledge, support, and community resources.

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